Saturday, July 4, 2009

Petting Farm

So Auntie Jen and I took the kids to the petting farm. Alex was so excited to go because he remembered going last year. We went during baby animal days. There were baby goats, bunnies, cats, a pony, baby sheep, baby pigs, baby duck, and baby turkeys. It was so much fun.
They got to hold the baby animals and also road a horse. We bought little containers of food to feed the animals. Josh was scared to feed the animals so we let Alex feed the animals with Josh's food as well. So just as we were getting ready to go Josh grabbed a little food and fed a goat. then says..."Ahhh momma not scared!". So I ran over and got more food and we went around the farm a second time so josh could feed the animals. Josh and Alex loved riding the horse!
I thought that both would be scared but the both jumped up like they have ridden a horse a hundred times So we had a great time. Josh's favorite part was the cats. Funny really. he would sit all day petting the cats if I would have let him. I really recommend this as a little outing for the kids if you get a chance ummm..Josh what are you looking at?

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  1. sounds like a fun day!! I love the last picture!! lol