Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We met playgroup today at the dinosaur park. We picked up Alex friend Aiden on the way. The boys were great!
It was a nice time. Josh was a little scared at first because he thought the dinosaurs were real. Then randomly as we were walk josh said..."ohhh momma not scared!"
So he came around and had fun. They played at the dino park and had a nice picnic lunch by the river. It was a beautiful day! Alex and Aiden.....Both boys are 5 and have been friends for about 4 years now. Ok so this is from Aug 2005 my photography has gotten a bit better sense then. Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of them the first time at the dino park. They were 1 1/2 in this picture. Time has flown by!


  1. time to update your blog, dearie bob! jk. i know what it's like (well, no, I don't know what it's like to be pregnant with #4) ....but i do know what it's like to have time slip away from you and you are overwhelmed with life.

    LOVE the pics of Bear Lake!! We went there twice last summer. First time ever was in May just for the day to rent jet skis (first time on those too) and then AFTER Labor Day weekend in Sept. after we brought Gabe home. We rented a boat that time and toodled around the lake. It was a great time! It was not crowded at all and we stayed in a condo for a lot less than they were going just the week before. (The blue lighthouse looks like the entrance to where we were staying--right across from the marina). Unfortunately most of the other fun things were closed down for the season....like the Caves and the fun Playhouse. We will be going back again for some more family fun this summer. Great pics you took!!

  2. Hey, I've been there - to the dinosaur park! One year when I visited my sister in N Ogden she took us there. We all had fun. So the pictures in this post are gorgeous. You must have edited them on your computer. Do you do blurred edges and then put on a black border? How do you do that? Is it something you can explain in a simple message? I want to try. Maybe if you get a free minute in the next year... I know time is precious with a newborn and 3 other kids!