Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A laptop givaway!!!

Just wanted to share this givaway with you all!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy's Day or Weekend

Aaron decided his father's day plans were to take the boys swimming for the day on Saturday then on Sunday he is taking them hiking to a waterfall.  So what does that mean for me?  Alone for the weekend with my daughter!  Whooohooo Happy Father's Day! 

So I was feeling a little guilty having all this down time.  Soooo.  Aaron has been wanting me to slow smoke a brisket for him.  I do not owe a smoker and have never made a brisket before.  So I started researching.  I found several recipies for baking, grilling and using the crockpot.  BUT!  Aaron wanted it smoked.  So i found a website that had a recipie that included instructions on how to turn your gas grill to a smoker.  Cool!  But the rest of the receipe was for a sauce and a 10lb brisket.  I was not going to make one that big and Aaron wanted a dry rub to create a nice bark on the outside.  haha!  what have i gotten into.  So I found a receipe that gave me an idea how long to cook a 4 lb brisket but only in the oven.  hmmm but I could guess.  And then I found two rubs that seemed good and made my own from a little of the two.  Ok so now I have my own receipe for smoked brisket.  I cooked it low and slow on my smoker grill! :) 

So how did it turn out?.....Aaron was so surprised and soooo happy!  He mmmm'ed his way through the dinner.  Alex said it was the best dinner ever!  Ahh that makes a mama happy!  I was actually shocked that it turned out so well and I could really taste the smoke flavor.  It was sooo moist!  And the rub was great.  So it was wonderful and I am so glad it lived up to Aaron's expectations.  :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Splash Pad.

Yesterday we met playgroup at the splash pad to cool off and have a little fun.  There were so many people there.  Josh and Alex ran right in. 

Nevaeh just was not sure at first if she liked the water.  It was so windy and hot.  It took Nevaeh almost 2 hours to get in the water.  Even then she did not get in she touched it though.  So right as I was ready to go she was ready to play.  so we hung out longer so she would have some fun as well.  I got home tired with swollen ankles but it was worth it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little fun in the sun.

Yesterday (6/15/2010) we had fun playing outside. The kids road their bikes and we had a fun trip to the park. It was so nice to have a sunny day after so much rain. I tried to get the kids to let me take updated pictures of them but that was a no go. :)

So with all the fun we had we did pull a few weeds. It is one of those things once you start the job gets bigger and bigger. So i decided my compost bin was not in a good spot and needed to be moved. So while I have 3 little kids happily helping in the yard might as well move it. We got our shovels and buckets and it was moving easy and quickly. We were at the bottom of the pile and heard a loud buzzing noise. It was very loud and not really like a wasp maybe a snake? We poked around a little more and found the source. AHHHHHH! Bumble Bees!!!!!! I grabbed Nevaeh and we all ran. We saw 2 bees buzzing around for a little while and went back into the ground. Great! So do i leave a bees nest on the ground? do i kill them? Well called the pest control company and decided I did not want to pay for another trip. So I called the Utah Bee association. This very nice man named Gary was happy to come out and see if he could move them. He loves Bumble Bees he told me. They are his favorite bee. Wow! ok what a great person to come out to look at these bees. Well I did get a lesson in bumble bees. Apparently they are very tame bees. He then began to show me how you can pet them and they do not care. I passed on trying to pet a bumble bee. :) You know maybe another day! So he asked where I think the nest is at. I told him and he put his hands right in. The bumble bee flew out. Most of the time bumble bees are alone and only have a small nest with a small amount of honey. If they are disturbed they will move on and find a new place to live. No problem. So Mr Bumble Bee is gone and the nest was so small. Gary was sad to see the bee go. He was hoping for a bigger nest to carry home and put in his green house. Thanks Gary! Maybe next time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ohhh it has been too Long!!!!

Where has time gone! I cannot believe that almost a year has gone by sense I have posted on this blog. We are all doing great. nothing eventful just life. Maybe I needed this break. We do have a big even approaching. for those of you who do not know we are expecting #4. We are due 7/30/2010 with Gabriel Isaiah Jones. Very excited and happy. I am still a little in shock that I am really having a baby! in 8 weeks!!! really? Oh so this will sink in at some point. That is one thing i am sure of.

well here are some much needed pics of the kids.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We met playgroup today at the dinosaur park. We picked up Alex friend Aiden on the way. The boys were great!
It was a nice time. Josh was a little scared at first because he thought the dinosaurs were real. Then randomly as we were walk josh said..."ohhh momma not scared!"
So he came around and had fun. They played at the dino park and had a nice picnic lunch by the river. It was a beautiful day! Alex and Aiden.....Both boys are 5 and have been friends for about 4 years now. Ok so this is from Aug 2005 my photography has gotten a bit better sense then. Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of them the first time at the dino park. They were 1 1/2 in this picture. Time has flown by!

The 4th!

We had a very busy but fun weekend. We had a BBQ at our Aunt and Uncles house. It was good food and fun with family. We roasted marshmallows and played in the yard. The boys only asked to do fire works a hundred times or so before it was finally dark enough to set them off. They had a blast watching them.
No one got scared. Not even Nae. The forth is so much fun to view through your children's eyes. The excitement they have is so cute! I really do miss that excitement of being a kid where you can't sit still or you may EXPLODE!!!