Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I am wondering how early is too early to introduce them to motorcycles? The Boys got a little blue chopper and they are soooo excited. They played on it all day! I actually never seen them get along so well. No fighting....asked nicely for their turn...and shared! Wow who's kids are these?! So that is all I had to do is get them a motorcycle to start obeying all these rules i repeat everyday. :) So a big thanks to our neighbors that passed down this motorcycle to my boys. It is sooo nice of you to think of them!

So we have had a busy week. I have been working and when I am not working I am outside. We have been playing at the park, splash pad or aquatic center every day! Nope did not bring my camera. I was too busy having fun with the kids.

We have also been working in our garden at home and at the community garden. It has been fun. I have learned a lot from Terry who is leading the community garden. But I have to say between my yard and the community garden I could drown in these weeds. ahhhh! Actually can I say I have LOVED pulling weeds so far?! Alex has wanted to pull weeds at the community garden every time I go. We meet at the garden at 7am! So while we pull weeds Alex and I talk. He loves to talk and talk and talk. It has been so wonderful for me to spend time with him learning about my little boy. He really is my thinker. The thinks and worries about so much. So, many people have made his own little prayer list. It is so cute. But it was really convicting. I think he spends more time in prayer than I do. I have been encouraged by him to do better in that area of my life. So "thanks Alex for sharing your thoughts, prayers and dreams with me. I Love you Buddy!"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nevaeh's Latest Dr Visit

Nevaeh had her 9 month check up. Doing very well in all areas other that weight. As expected I suppose. The whole time I was really feeling she had gained weight. But she gained less than 1 lb in 3 months. This seems like it is going to be a struggle for her for a while. So I am pileing on the fat. So if any of you have any Ideas of what fatty food I can add to her diet let me know. It needs to be soft because she only has 2 teeth and she cannot have any milk products. I cannot wait to hear the input.

So Nevaeh said her first word!!!! And it was Mama! I am so happy. Finally one of my children decide that mama is going to be the first word. She babbles all the time and we think she says "yeah" but we are not quiet sure yet. she has also been thinking about crawling. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks. She has crawled a little but have not officially crawled. If you get her close to somethign she can grab onto she can pull herself to standing. She does well standign until she forgets sahe is holding herself up there and lets go. "Keerplunk!" right to her bottom she goes.

I love being a mom!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alex's Last day of school.

I can't believe I am old enough to have a child entering Kindergarten. OK I know the reality it I am old enough to have a child much older but I just do not feel like I am. It is so amazing how fast they grow. Alex is so excited to go to school this next year. He talks about it all the time.

So Alex had an end of year carnival for his preschool. We all went as a family. It was very fun. There was a bounce house and many other carnival games. They could win tickets and then at the end pick a prise. Josh ended up being the only one who won any tickets. I did not even have to ask Josh. He turned to Alex and gave him some of his tickets so he can get a prize as well. "Josh you are a nice brother to Alex."

There was a shaving cream table that the boys loved! They stayed there the longest. They were given a little bit of shaving cream on the table they were sitting at and then they played in it. Alex ended up with shaving cream up to his elbows. They had a blast.

So through out the carnival the boys were begging for cotton candy. I was really wanting to avoid the extra sugar. They were already so wound up on sugar. At any of the carnival games if they did not win they were given candy. They were eating their way through the games. So I held back the idea of cotton candy for a while but ended up giving in. To my surprise both boys only had a few bites of it. Neither one was impressed with it. So lucky mommy and daddy got to eat it. I would not have gotten it for myself but neither of us were willing to let it go to waste. :) Even little Nevaeh enjoyed a little. Yep Aaron gave his 9 month old baby cotton candy. She of course LOVED IT!

The carnival was a good chance for Josh to be introduced to his new school. He will be starting there in the 3 year old class. There were quite a few other kids there that he will be going to school with as well. Right now he is so excited to go this next year. I pray he remains this excited. So we all had a great time at the carnival.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Windy Wyoming.

We got to go and visit a friend of mine today while she was in wyoming fisiting her family. We had a great time playing and eating McDonalds. :) It was soooo windy. I thought my kids might fly away. As we were driving there were some big wind gusts that we could all feel as it pushed our Van. I learned today that Alex cannot handle even a moment of quiet. (ok so maybe I knew that already). He taled the whole way! I learned a lot about how alex's mind works. 5 is a fun age. Josh was so content and just enjoyed the beautiful views. Nevaeh napped both ways. So it was a great drive.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day...

For Mothers day I am getting quite time. So for myself I have decided to start a new family blog. I have been meaning to do this for a while and I am so happy that I have finally got the time to start it. I am also happy to be able to share our live with our family and friends near and far.

The day started with my boys waking me up shouting "Happy Mother's Day!!!". Startling but very cute. We had our regular mad dash to get ready for church and out the door. I love being a mom.

Once we returned home Aaron made a nice lunch and I enjoyed my time relaxing. This is my idea of a perfect day. Time with my family relaxing and enjoying the day.

"Thank you Lord for the blessings that are my Three children. I am so thankful for them in my life. What an honor it truly it to be given the gift to raise them. I ask for your wisdom and understanding during my time with them. A mother's job is a task that takes heart. Thank you Lord for your patience and Love with me and may I show my children the same. Amen"