Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ohhh it has been too Long!!!!

Where has time gone! I cannot believe that almost a year has gone by sense I have posted on this blog. We are all doing great. nothing eventful just life. Maybe I needed this break. We do have a big even approaching. for those of you who do not know we are expecting #4. We are due 7/30/2010 with Gabriel Isaiah Jones. Very excited and happy. I am still a little in shock that I am really having a baby! in 8 weeks!!! really? Oh so this will sink in at some point. That is one thing i am sure of.

well here are some much needed pics of the kids.


  1. Look how big the kids are getting. And Miss Nevaeh! Wow!! she looks fantastic.

    Congrats on #4!! so happy for you.