Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy's Day or Weekend

Aaron decided his father's day plans were to take the boys swimming for the day on Saturday then on Sunday he is taking them hiking to a waterfall.  So what does that mean for me?  Alone for the weekend with my daughter!  Whooohooo Happy Father's Day! 

So I was feeling a little guilty having all this down time.  Soooo.  Aaron has been wanting me to slow smoke a brisket for him.  I do not owe a smoker and have never made a brisket before.  So I started researching.  I found several recipies for baking, grilling and using the crockpot.  BUT!  Aaron wanted it smoked.  So i found a website that had a recipie that included instructions on how to turn your gas grill to a smoker.  Cool!  But the rest of the receipe was for a sauce and a 10lb brisket.  I was not going to make one that big and Aaron wanted a dry rub to create a nice bark on the outside.  haha!  what have i gotten into.  So I found a receipe that gave me an idea how long to cook a 4 lb brisket but only in the oven.  hmmm but I could guess.  And then I found two rubs that seemed good and made my own from a little of the two.  Ok so now I have my own receipe for smoked brisket.  I cooked it low and slow on my smoker grill! :) 

So how did it turn out?.....Aaron was so surprised and soooo happy!  He mmmm'ed his way through the dinner.  Alex said it was the best dinner ever!  Ahh that makes a mama happy!  I was actually shocked that it turned out so well and I could really taste the smoke flavor.  It was sooo moist!  And the rub was great.  So it was wonderful and I am so glad it lived up to Aaron's expectations.  :)

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