Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little fun in the sun.

Yesterday (6/15/2010) we had fun playing outside. The kids road their bikes and we had a fun trip to the park. It was so nice to have a sunny day after so much rain. I tried to get the kids to let me take updated pictures of them but that was a no go. :)

So with all the fun we had we did pull a few weeds. It is one of those things once you start the job gets bigger and bigger. So i decided my compost bin was not in a good spot and needed to be moved. So while I have 3 little kids happily helping in the yard might as well move it. We got our shovels and buckets and it was moving easy and quickly. We were at the bottom of the pile and heard a loud buzzing noise. It was very loud and not really like a wasp maybe a snake? We poked around a little more and found the source. AHHHHHH! Bumble Bees!!!!!! I grabbed Nevaeh and we all ran. We saw 2 bees buzzing around for a little while and went back into the ground. Great! So do i leave a bees nest on the ground? do i kill them? Well called the pest control company and decided I did not want to pay for another trip. So I called the Utah Bee association. This very nice man named Gary was happy to come out and see if he could move them. He loves Bumble Bees he told me. They are his favorite bee. Wow! ok what a great person to come out to look at these bees. Well I did get a lesson in bumble bees. Apparently they are very tame bees. He then began to show me how you can pet them and they do not care. I passed on trying to pet a bumble bee. :) You know maybe another day! So he asked where I think the nest is at. I told him and he put his hands right in. The bumble bee flew out. Most of the time bumble bees are alone and only have a small nest with a small amount of honey. If they are disturbed they will move on and find a new place to live. No problem. So Mr Bumble Bee is gone and the nest was so small. Gary was sad to see the bee go. He was hoping for a bigger nest to carry home and put in his green house. Thanks Gary! Maybe next time.

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  1. Oy! Thats one crazy surprise. Glad you found the right man for the job. =)