Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I am wondering how early is too early to introduce them to motorcycles? The Boys got a little blue chopper and they are soooo excited. They played on it all day! I actually never seen them get along so well. No fighting....asked nicely for their turn...and shared! Wow who's kids are these?! So that is all I had to do is get them a motorcycle to start obeying all these rules i repeat everyday. :) So a big thanks to our neighbors that passed down this motorcycle to my boys. It is sooo nice of you to think of them!

So we have had a busy week. I have been working and when I am not working I am outside. We have been playing at the park, splash pad or aquatic center every day! Nope did not bring my camera. I was too busy having fun with the kids.

We have also been working in our garden at home and at the community garden. It has been fun. I have learned a lot from Terry who is leading the community garden. But I have to say between my yard and the community garden I could drown in these weeds. ahhhh! Actually can I say I have LOVED pulling weeds so far?! Alex has wanted to pull weeds at the community garden every time I go. We meet at the garden at 7am! So while we pull weeds Alex and I talk. He loves to talk and talk and talk. It has been so wonderful for me to spend time with him learning about my little boy. He really is my thinker. The thinks and worries about so much. So, many people have made his own little prayer list. It is so cute. But it was really convicting. I think he spends more time in prayer than I do. I have been encouraged by him to do better in that area of my life. So "thanks Alex for sharing your thoughts, prayers and dreams with me. I Love you Buddy!"


  1. that is the coolest bike I have ever seen!

    I can't believe you have loved pulling weeds, I just made a trade to get out of doing yard work :) My neighbors have a yard business, and needed a babysitter.

  2. ohhhh that would be a good trade