Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Windy Wyoming.

We got to go and visit a friend of mine today while she was in wyoming fisiting her family. We had a great time playing and eating McDonalds. :) It was soooo windy. I thought my kids might fly away. As we were driving there were some big wind gusts that we could all feel as it pushed our Van. I learned today that Alex cannot handle even a moment of quiet. (ok so maybe I knew that already). He taled the whole way! I learned a lot about how alex's mind works. 5 is a fun age. Josh was so content and just enjoyed the beautiful views. Nevaeh napped both ways. So it was a great drive.


  1. That is awesome that she napped both ways, I'm sure that made life so much easier :)

  2. It was much more than I expected from her. It was wonderful!