Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alex's Last day of school.

I can't believe I am old enough to have a child entering Kindergarten. OK I know the reality it I am old enough to have a child much older but I just do not feel like I am. It is so amazing how fast they grow. Alex is so excited to go to school this next year. He talks about it all the time.

So Alex had an end of year carnival for his preschool. We all went as a family. It was very fun. There was a bounce house and many other carnival games. They could win tickets and then at the end pick a prise. Josh ended up being the only one who won any tickets. I did not even have to ask Josh. He turned to Alex and gave him some of his tickets so he can get a prize as well. "Josh you are a nice brother to Alex."

There was a shaving cream table that the boys loved! They stayed there the longest. They were given a little bit of shaving cream on the table they were sitting at and then they played in it. Alex ended up with shaving cream up to his elbows. They had a blast.

So through out the carnival the boys were begging for cotton candy. I was really wanting to avoid the extra sugar. They were already so wound up on sugar. At any of the carnival games if they did not win they were given candy. They were eating their way through the games. So I held back the idea of cotton candy for a while but ended up giving in. To my surprise both boys only had a few bites of it. Neither one was impressed with it. So lucky mommy and daddy got to eat it. I would not have gotten it for myself but neither of us were willing to let it go to waste. :) Even little Nevaeh enjoyed a little. Yep Aaron gave his 9 month old baby cotton candy. She of course LOVED IT!

The carnival was a good chance for Josh to be introduced to his new school. He will be starting there in the 3 year old class. There were quite a few other kids there that he will be going to school with as well. Right now he is so excited to go this next year. I pray he remains this excited. So we all had a great time at the carnival.

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  1. your kids are getting so big! I love the picture of Nevaeh eating the cotton candy. She is such a beautiful baby.